Two things that define your career success

Cutting to the chase, two things define our career trajectory – our abilities to problem-solve and self-develop. 

PROBLEM-SOLVING is about converting intellectual horsepower (IQ) into value. Like most good things in life, IQ is unfairly distributed. But, some succeed by extracting 100% out of a modest gift, while others “waste” talent by using 5% of a huge endowment. 

Nailing problem-solving in our area of expertise gets us to brilliance. 

SELF-DEVELOPMENT is about putting conscientiousness (one of 5 personality traits) into action and becoming a slightly better person / leader every day. Again, it’s a function of capacity (inherent) and will (choice) to change.

Excelling at self-development (personal productivity, communication, leadership, etc.) makes a good leader. 

For those who master both – the sky is the limit. 

To move RIGHT out of the “grey box” we invest in core crafts (usually early in our career), which requires letting go of know-it-all attitude. As we progress, self-development becomes key to growing UP, which requires leaving the ego behind.

While general intelligence and conscientiousness may be the best psychometric predictors of career success, it’s up to us to get the most out of our talents and traits.

Where do you fit? 👇

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