Complexity is evil

Complexity is evil. It brings chaos and stress.

Complexity in life (home schooling, difficult relationships, pleasing everyone, financial troubles) drags us into anxiety and depression.

Complexity in business (tricky op models, chasing too many opportunities, convoluted offering) makes it hard to manage and impedes growth.

We often try to solve complex issues with complex solutions. But evil cannot be defeated by evil. Complex solutions only multiply our grief. 

Solutions must be simple. Unfortunately, simple is HARD. A simple way is uphill – it takes courage and effort.

For those who remember pre-cloud days, file sharing across PCs was at best cumbersome. In came Dropbox and solved it by adding a cloud folder to our desktop. Behind this ultimate simplicity was a sophisticated piece of tech which took months of hard work to develop. 

Simplicity is goodness. It brings clarity and comfort.

Every day we face choices that make our life a bit simpler or a bit more complex. It’s worth being mindful of the paths we choose. 

What can we simplify today? Make the first step to mend a complex relationship? Clean up inbox? Reject a meeting to have a proper lunch and recharge? Kill a pet project that distracts from what’s important? 👇

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